Skin Peeling On Hands – Reasons and treatment

Skin Peeling On Hands

Skin Peeling On Hands Reasons and treatment : This skin problem could be sound very familiar to you. Maybe you have or had, or heard from somebody. This stressing problem is not an unsolvable skin problem. Now take a look at this article and get rid of it once and for all.

Skin peeling and loss on hands cause itching, burning and bumps. This problem causes a bad view, and also could end up with long period disorder if you are late to start treatment.
Our hands contacts with other people’s hands and other environmental materials all day. Thus skin peeling on hands mostly occurs because of irritation or an infection. But in some cases, this problem also can be a symptom of other diseases.

These are the reasons of skin peeling on hands:

Allergic Reaction

Food allergy or some medicines could cause itching on hands and palms, wound, peeling or even rash. Skin peelings’ reason is mostly allergy and side effects of medicines are mostly puke, diarrhea, itching in mouth, bumps, shortness of breath and swallowing difficulty. In these cases, before stop using medicines that cause side effects, you should see a doctor.

Skin Dehydration

In winter season, cold weather can cause extremely dehydration of skin. This dehydration shows up in palms; your hands get itchy and flaked rash may occur on hands. Also eczema could be causing the hand dehydration. In dehydration based rash, you should be careful for not to scratch your hands, wash them with natural soap and use good moisturizers.

Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is itching, rubor or rash that occurs with contacting your hands or some part of your skin with a material. It considers as a type of eczema which is skin irritated because of reacting some materials. Sometimes itching and rash begins just after contacting with these materials or it take times to see symptoms. Actually contact dermatitis is not considered as a serious disease but itching and rash can be very disturbing. So early intervention will be better.

Now we must say that what kind of materials could cause contact dermatitis. Some of these are; some soap types, bleach, some make up and cosmetics, jewelry, latex glove, nickel, dead nettle and poisonous sumac.

Cutaneous Disease

This dermatologic sickness shows up with redness in several parts of your body includes palms, itching, peeling and rash. The answer of “how can you understand if this rash happens because of Cutaneous Disease?” is very easy, see a doctor. Cutaneous disease is not contagious because it is not based on germs. But it is chronic disease, so its treatment only provide control. The first goal of treatment is remove itching and rash with the help of cream and lotions.

Cutaneous disease can be originated from genetic factors, and also may occur because of infection, stress, trauma, over smoke, alcohol or some medicines’ side effects. After the treatment, if some of these factors repeated it may reveal itself again.

Dyshidrotic Dermatitis

This eczema type that effects hands is mostly seeing in women. The reason of it is a mystery for now. But as much as we know, it shows up mostly in summers so connected with sweat.

In the beginning of this disease, itching and light peelings occur especially in palms. In the upcoming days some water blister and cracks arises which prevents your hands easily. Also similar symptoms seen on feet.

Dyshidrotic dermatitis continues about three weeks and there is no certain treatment for it. In this period it is recommended to do these; apply a cold compress with vinegar, use moisturizer, wear protective gloves and avoid using materials as detergent, bleach and nickel. In advance cases your doctor could recommend cortisone cream. Finally, because of it is a chronic disease, stress and anxiety might trigger again.

Hand Fungus

Hand fungus is a skin infection that is less common than feet and nail fungus. It is also known as “Tinea Manuum” and it cause significant oval rash. Cracks and irritation of hands that occurs because of dehydration prepares the suitable environment for germ and bacteria while making the skin’s protective layer thinner. Fungus nestles in this unprotective environment and cause itching and bad view. Mostly fungus creams are using for its treatment. Also you can ease the itching with putting your hands into vinegar water.

Over Sweating

If your hands sweating a lot, rash and peeling can occur on your skin. If your are having wet palms all the time you should find out what cause this.,

Hand, Foot and Mouth Illness

Hand, Foot and Mouth illness is mostly occurs in kids under 10 years old. It looks like chicken pox and can be confused with flu and it is contagious. It cause high fever, exhaustion, rash in tonsillar, mouth ulcer and red rash in skin. These rash in circumoral, hand, feet and ankles turns to blisters with full of water in next days.

This illness can turn to an epidemic in summer and fall seasons. It can be transmitted by inhalation and intimate contact. In order not to get infected with this disease, pools which are using by children should be cleaned often, and kids need to be more careful about hygiene. Because of this disease infects by virus, antibiotics can’t be used, it ends between 7-10 days by itself. In this period special lotions can be used to ease these rash. Also you should avoid intimate contact with the person who infected and the room needed to ventilate often.


Another common disease among children is impetigo. It is a seriously contagious skin disorder that cause by a bacteria that called “Stafilokoküs aureus”. impetigo cause flowing water blister on skin, shows up on face, arm, hand and legs most of the time. This can be transmitted through a sensual contact with a person who suffers from this disease or by the use of that person’s belongings. This impetigo can also cause by insect and animal bites. It rarely affects adults, but it is more common in children under two years old. Wounds in the areas where the disease is occurred should be cleaned with antiseptic by this way hand transmission to other parts of the body should be prevented. Antibiotic treatment is likely to be applied. Wounds don’t leave scars.

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What Should I Do For Treatment?

In order to get rid of rash in hands, you must know the reason first. Some rash will disappear in a few days by itself. For some of them, just need to use lotion and cream to moisten.

But if rashes are originated by a skin disease, you need to use lotions which your doctor recommends. In bacterial infection cases, you may be have to use antibiotics. If symptoms are not disappear, you should see the doctor again. And also if you have fever, weight loss, constant exhaustion and muscle pains besides rash, you must get help from a physician.

What Can I Do For Rash At Home?

In addition to the medicines that your doctor will give you for the rash and peeling in your hands, also you can use some relaxing methods at home.

  • Chamomile plant ease the eczema area. Dried chamomile tea to the itchy area and wait 10 minutes to relax.
  • Sage and vinegar, especially in the treatment of hand fungus reduces the risk of infection; It ease itching and fungal lesions. You can also use the same herbal tea for fungus.
  • Sage tea also reduces sweating; prevents sweating based rashes.
  • If you use natural soap instead of liquid soap to clean your skin more deeply so able to prevent hygiene based rashes.
  • Cucumber which has a large amount of vitamin C and caffeic acid will quickly treat irritated skin.
  • If the rashes and peeling in your hands are caused by dryness, rubbing with olive oil will moisturize and nourish your skin with the most natural way.
  • Don’t forget that over sun exposure is harmful to the skin.
  • Pay special attention to keeping your hands clean and moisturized, and the cosmetic products that you use should be as natural as possible.


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