Natural Remedies for High Cholesterol

Natural Remedies for High Cholesterol
Natural Remedies for High Cholesterol

It is good to use natural remedies for high cholesterol. A little information about what is actually needed will be of great help to you. Big pharmacies, Medical doctors, drug manufacturers, and some supplement companies have pumped up fears of sicknesses in people.

In a blind effort to control or prevent heart disease and stroke, many people resort to taking “medically-approved drugs such as STATIN” to the profit of these companies.

Up till now, there has not been any scientifically proven fact that lowering blood pressure prevents dreaded heart attack and stroke. Taking these drugs to expose you to the very dangerous side effect that lowers the quality of your life.

What causes heart disease?

In fact, some of these remedies can also enhance your libido and ward of cancer and depression. Remember that most doctors are paid by pharmaceutical companies to ignore scientifically proven facts on natural cures while promoting drugs.

Please pay attention, besides losing muscles, your testosterone level also gets lowered if you are a man, and your wife would not be pleased with you because of the prescribed cholesterol drugs you are taking.

Not only that, you can encounter heart failure because of a decrease in CoQ10 levels within the heart. This is an energy-producing molecule necessary for proper cardiovascular function. Your heart can fail without it.

Do you know you can begin to lose a memory with these drugs? The brain has a “myelin sheath” that encourages the passage of electrical messages to boost memory. The drugs destroy it and your memory is destroyed.

Statin also mimics a growth factor that is responsible for cancer growth. It is amazing how these drugs with dangerous side effects passed FDA drug approval. All these happened because of profit. Anyway, enough of all these deceiving drugs.

What is the first step to avoiding heart disease?

Here is where natural remedies for high cholesterol come in. The first thing to do is to stop taking the cholesterol drugs and let your cholesterol rise to the level it belongs to, usually above 200.

Do not freak out because of it. You are not sick. This threshold level of 200 was invented by NCEP (National Cholesterol Education Program) to convert a healthy person to a patient depending on drugs to profit “big Pharma”.

The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society(1) research found out that the elderly people with less than 189 mg/dL had a risk of dying than those with cholesterol levels of 276-417 mg/dL.

Big Pharma does everything possible to hide this risk from doctors and the media.

Special Note: This site is just informing you about facts concerning medical hypocrisy. It is by no means instructing you to lay aside your prescription drug dose formula. Just know the truth and make your own decisions.

Cholesterol drug- cancer danger

Statin imitates a growth factor that is responsible for spreading cancer. The growth factor is known as VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) This VEGF fertilizes cancer and creates a conducive environment in the body for its growth.

Natural remedies for high cholesterol

First of all, know that cholesterol is not poison. It is the most important molecule in the body next to the water. The body uses cholesterol to manufacture steroid or cortisone-like hormones including the sex hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Cholesterol also helps to break down food into an essential nutrient.

It works in unison with the liver to produce bile acid that helps to digest fats and rid the body of waste. It also helps to stabilize cell membranes. Cholesterol also helps your immune system to prevent bacteria and viruses. Therefore, a low cholesterol level can cause the body to fall apart.

Dangerous causes of heart attack and stroke can be resolved in many different natural ways. If you want to attribute it to high cholesterol levels because that’s all people know, then here are some natural remedies for high cholesterol you can consider.

Stopping the number one artery destroyer

Quit smoking

Smoking butchers your arteries. The innermost structure of your coronary arteries known as intima is made up of collagen and special cells known as endothelial. They are very sensitive to disturbances and smoking is its’ great destroyer. Once they are destroyed, a heart attack or stroke cannot be avoided.

Take care of your homocysteine

Homocysteine is a natural by-product of amino acid metabolism in the body. If you are healthy, your homocysteine is quickly processed into harmless methionine. However, if it is not biochemically converted, it will float in your bloodstream and wreak serious havoc on the cardiovascular system.

Research by Harvard medical doctor Kilmer McCully discovered that Daily consumption of 500 milligrams of folic acid and other B vitamins by men and women can declaw homocysteine and convert it to harmless methionine.

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Preferably use organic folic acid because some pharmaceutical companies manufactured their own from chemicals. The chemically formulated ones are dangerous and could cause damage to your health.

Some other sources of folic acid include brewer’s yeast, vitamin B12, anbrewer’s yeast, vitamin B12, and seleniumd selenium.

Some of the best folic acid and brewer’s yeast is produced by Lewis lab. They have no additives, adulterants, or excess fillers. Make sure you do not use ibuprofen or aspirin when you use folic acid because they will prevent it from working.

On the whole, if you think your cholesterol is high, depending on these natural remedies for high cholesterol -quit smoking, and folic acid and see what the outcome will be.

Lest I forget, watch what you put in your mouth. Obesity is a big problem affecting many in the USA. Besides that, quit drinking, do some exercises, and manage stress.

I hope this information is profitable to you. If it is, you are welcome to send it to a friend or loved one.


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