Mesmerizing Health Benefits of Kidney Beans

Health Benefits of Kidney Beans
Health Benefits of Kidney Beans

Are there any Health Benefits of Kidney Beans? Yes, there is. Not is, but are! There are many health benefits you can find in these tiny reddish things named after our internal organ, which is the kidney, for its similarity in color and shape (albeit much smaller). These beans are popular throughout the world and widely consumed in various dishes. In India, kidney beans are also called “Rajma”. Indians prepare on a favorite dish called rajma chawal. It is prepared when beans served with hot steaming rice. Kidney beans have a lot of proteins. It helps to reduce weight, maintain blood sugar levels and more.

Don’t eat raw kidney beans, also check whether it is cooked properly or not.

Kidney beans are easy to grow. In one cup of cooked kidney beans, there is molybdenum, Foliate, copper manganese and phosphorous, etc.

Origin and a reminder

According to recorded history, the common bean (kidney beans are a variety of it), or Phaseolus vulgaris, came from Central America. It was then distributed throughout the world via global trade and became popular. Kidney beans are consumed in the form of fully cooked, since cooking them improperly or consuming them raw is highly lethal. Common bean contains phytohaemagglutinin, and the kidney beans variant contains the highest level of the toxin. Fortunately, the toxin dissolves if you boil them for ten minutes or longer, so always cook them properly!

Health Benefits of Kidney Beans

For God’s sake, please cook your kidney beans! If cooked properly, kidney beans give you several benefits. All of those are beneficial to improve your health quality. Now, let’s head to the list of it!

1. Prevents cancer

You can prevent Cancer if you keep away from free radicals. How to keep away from them? Consume several antioxidants! Fortunately, kidney beans are rich in manganese, which is a variant of antioxidants, which in turn, can prevent you from cancer. Kidney beans help you to destroy the free radicals harming your body.

2. Helps you to lose weight faster

Kidney beans are a rich source of fiber. Another health benefit of kidney beans helps you to lose weight easier. Fiber helps your digestive system to digest food easier and faster. Therefore, your metabolism is enhanced and you are less prone to get fat! It also contains high protein, further increasing the chance of you getting a better body shape.

3. Reduces the risk of stomach problems

Kidney beans are a rich source of fiber. Fiber aids your digestive system and strengthens it, reducing any problems your digestive system would encounter. Stronger means healthier, right? Also, kidney beans contain nutrition that potentially decreases any cancer possibilities, including stomach cancer, from developing in your body.

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4. Enhances your brain memory

Kidney beans strengthen your cognitive function since it contains a generous amount of vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 is highly important for your brain to help it to process neurotransmitter which is needed to maintain concentration and good memory, which in turn, helps you to memorize better. Your brain becomes sharper as ever after you consume kidney beans regularly!

5. Keeps you away from the risk of heart attack

A study about foods confirmed or concluded that a diet high in foods with lots of fiber, such as kidney beans, prevents heart diseases. It took almost two decades to complete. In the Netherlands, a study about kidney beans was done in around 16,000 men. They were evaluated on their dietary intake habits. They categorized the people in to – intake of dairy products, higher intake of vegetables, higher intake of legumes, high take of fish high intake of wine.

The data were analyzed. Finally, the group which ate a high amount of legumes including kidney beans showed an 82% lower chance of having heart attacks. There is a 10% less of the chance of having heart disease in the group eating the highest amount of fiber. In general, there are also chances of a reduction in cardiovascular disease.

In addition to fiber, the folate and magnesium present in kidney beans also help to reduce the chances of heart attacks. Palate lowers the amount of homocysteine present in the human body. When folate is excess in the bloodstream, it leads to health problems.

Kidney beans can make the LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) level in your body lowered. A study has found that consuming kidney beans regularly can plummet the level of LDL in your body, but it will not disturb the level of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) inside your body. You won’t need to worry about heart attack disease if you consume kidney beans! Wow, it is so amazing to find out that there are so many health benefits of kidney beans!

Finally, the number of components in kidney beans helps reduce the risk of having heart attacks.

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6. Great for blood sugar

One of the health benefits of kidney beans is it regulates blood sugar levels. people with diabetes typically have resistance to insulin. On consuming carbohydrates, our body produces a hormone- insulin. These carbohydrates are converted into energy because of insulin. Without enough insulin, your body does not process carbohydrates properly. sometimes, it causes blood sugar spikes.

An experiment conducted on people suffering from type-2 diabetes. The result is kidney beans reduces high blood sugar. So, people who are consuming more fiber food showed lower levels of blood sugar. Fiber allows your body to utilize insulin more effectively. Therefore, Kidney beans help in regulating blood sugar levels.

7. Keep you smart

You are amazed when you know that Kidney beans help to improve your brain sharp, because of thiamin. Furthermore, thiamin increases communication speed. Thiamin is responsible for the energy production of brain cells. Acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter plays a key role in memory and thought processes. Acetylcholine is produced by thiamin. And also the development of Alzheimer’s, dementia and general cognitive decline takes place due to a deficiency of choline.

Moreover, increased levels of acetylcholine help to get a good score in memory exams.

Initially, the brain’s primary thinking neurotransmitter is acetylcholine. In conclusion, Kidney beans help to make brain sharp.

8. Great for diabetics

The benefit of consuming kidney beans is, it cures diabetes. They are largely composed of carbohydrates. As a result, a lot of diabetics would not consider eating them. In fact, they are slow-release carbohydrates. So, blood sugar levels are regulated easily.

As we discussed earlier, kidney beans are rich in fiber and also allows the body to better regulate their blood sugar by improving the efficiency of insulin.

One more benefit is, kidney beans scores low in the glycemic index. Whereas the glycemic index means which foods item increases blood sugar levels after consuming.

Finally, If you are suffering from diabetes then its high time to add kidney beans in your diet.

9. Reduces weight

One of the health benefits of kidney beans is, it even reduces weight. Overweight is the most common problem which the today world is facing.

A study was conducted among 30 obese men eating various diets. One of the group had eaten more legumes than any other group – four times a week – for two months. Greatest weight loss done by these groups.

Here are some factors of kidney beans that are responsible for reducing weight.

At first, the fiber present in kidney beans is responsible.

Fiber prevents constipation and allows for better absorption of nutrients.

Kidney beans are rich in protein, thereby helping in weight loss.

Finally, you can prefer kidney beans in your diet for losing weight. Fiber, protein and starch blocker, all three tools which are helping the body absorb nutrients and lose weight.

10. Provide long-lasting energy

One of the major health benefits of kidney beans is they are a great source of energy. Manganese present in kidney beans helps your body produce energy more effectively. Manganese manufacture all enzymes which play a key role in producing energy. One enzyme that requires manganese is superoxide dismutase.

Finally, kidney beans are the best source of long-lasting energy. The fiber present in kidney beans keeps you full and manganese helps to produce energy in the body.

11. Fight and treat certain types of cancer

Colorectal cancer is the first type of cancer in which kidney beans are shows to be effective at fighting. A study says that the properties which have been shown to have a positive effect in lowering the risk of cancer are anti-oxidants called polyphenols and anti-inflammatory properties. In general kidney beans and other beans considered cancer-fighting foods.

Finally, kidney beans help to fight against cancer.

12. Reduce cholesterol

You are amazing when you know that beans are effective at reducing cholesterol. HDL and LDL are types of cholesterol. HDL is good cholesterol and LDL is cholesterol. Fortunately, kidney beans only reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol while leaving the HDL cholesterol the same.

Short-chain fatty acids are produced by soluble fiber which is effective in reducing cholesterol.

One of the most common problems of heart diseases is cholesterol. Kidney beans help reduce the levels of unhealthy cholesterol.

13. Aids in the formation of bones and teeth

Kidney beans are a good source of phosphorous. You know that phosphorus is essential in the formation of bones and teeth. The duty of phosphorous is how the body uses carbohydrates and fats.

Finally, high levels of phosphorus help ineffective usage of other minerals also.

14. Prevents fatty liver disease

When there is too much fat in the liver, Fatty liver diseases occur. The fiber contents in kidney beans bind the waste deposits and expel it out from the body. In this way, kidney beans can boost liver health and lower the risk of fatty liver diseases. Kidney beans contain almost all nutrients including vitamin E.

15. Improves digestion and gut health

One of the major health benefits of kidney beans is, they are good for digestion, because of the dietary fiber which promotes digestive health and maintains bowel regularity. Taking kidney beans improves intestinal barrier function which increases gut health. It also increases the healthy bacteria which help in preventing gut-related diseases.

Finally, make sure that you should not take kidney beans in excess as it may cause gas and flatulence.


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