How To Overcome Caffeine Overdose In 12 Days

How To Overcome Caffeine Overdose In 12 Days
How To Overcome Caffeine Overdose In 12 Days

How To Overcome Caffeine Overdose In 12 Days: Caffeine overdose is so common in our midst. Caffeine is not only found in coffee and tea but in other food and drink products such as energy drinks.

If you are really tired of starting, continuing, and ending your day with a cup of coffee or tea, then this natural caffeine detox remedy is for you.

Is caffeine bad for us?

We do hear often how people, the news media, and whole-food marketers emphasize the side effects of caffeine. We tend to believe that it is all that bad.

Caffeine (1) does some good things such as lowering the risk of gallstones, Parkinson’s disease, inducing bowel movement, and decreasing the possibility of colon cancer.

Caffeine overdose effects

However, it has its bad effects when we take too much of it. Some of the effects include sleep deprivation, a rise in the level of blood pressure, and increased chances of infertility. These effects can be very serious so there is a need to prevent them.

The bottom line is staying within the limited quantity of coffee or tea to drink in a day while being mindful of the sugar quantity. A quantity of 350mg or 3-4 cups becomes toxic to the body. That is considered a caffeine overdose and it can be dangerous to our health. It’s permissible to stay within the limit.

However, this situation can be aggravated by combining smoking with coffee drinking.

Others go to a different dimension entirely. After drinking cola, tea or coffee, they take a cigarette break or place some tobacco in their mouth. By the end of the day, they top it up with alcoholic drinks. This may call for multiple detox programs. For now, we will concentrate on caffeine users only.

Where does the caffeine drive come from?

Adenosine is a natural substance in our body that is sent to the brain to calm down some nerve cells that are too active. Unfortunately, when caffeine enters the body, it tries to pass through the same channel the adenosine uses to calm the cells.

The cell channels get blocked thus causing the brain cells to remain active. This causes the caffeine user to be energized until the caffeine wears out. The only way to keep energized is to go for more caffeine.

So what do we do to stop caffeine overdose soon?

Caffeine is disguised in many products such as Cola, milk chocolate, pain killers, and energy drinks so the remedies will have to cover all areas.

Let’s get started

  • Day 1-3: Drink your normal cup of coffee, tea, cola or energy drink. However, you are going to replace one-quarter of it with the decaffeinated drink. For example, pour out a quarter of the cola and pour in a quarter of caffeine-free cola.
  • Days 4-6: Reduce the quantity of your caffeinated drink to half and add half of decaffeinated on to it. Stay within this range for the number of days required. Don’t try to do it quicker.
  • Days 7-9: Reduce your coffee, tea, and other caffeine drinks to a quarter and add three-quarters of caffeine-free drinks to them.
  • Days 10-12: During this period you should only be drinking caffeine-free drinks

This method may sound simple but could unravel under fatigue, the pressure to perform or meet a deadline. The cravings can come back to undermine the caffeine overdose plan. Therefore there is a need for an extra plan to counter the cravings by stepping up your energy level and brainpower.

This is where a detox recipe is needed

Caffeine-free diet
Here is a quick note before you start this diet. If you are a type who is used to overeating, you may need a different remedy to address that issue first so that you can be able to practice this diet program effectively.

A simple diet remedy can counter the caffeine cravings. Start by eating very little for quite often to help your blood sugar levels stay consistent. Do not forget to cut down on sugary foods such as cakes and refined carbohydrates like pasta, to maintain the standard blood sugar level.

For breakfast

  • You are going to need one glass of energy juice.
  • Take a bowl of wheat or bran cereal mixed with skim milk and banana.
  • Go ahead and drink a cup of coffee or tea mixed with a quarter decaffeinated one.

For the Mid-morning

  • Take a low-fat cottage cheese mixed with 4 tablespoons of dry apricot.
  • You may consider drinking another glass of energy juice or ginger tea.

For Lunchtime

  • Add 3oz of chicken to a bowl of spinach salad, with carrots and cherry tomatoes, and eat this with lentil or vegetable soup.
  • You may consider taking a ginkgo supplement to stabilize the dip in energy usually after lunch.

Your Mid-afternoon treat

  • Place a little bit of grated low-fat cheese, tomatoes, and beetroot slices on rye bread for a treat. This provides you with your protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

Your time for dinner

  • Let your dinner meal comprise of 3oz grilled salmon with brown rice, green beans, and a salad of red onion and asparagus.

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Before you go to bed

  • You are going to need a warm glass full of milk loaded with proteins to give you a consistent energy level and sound sleep at night.

If you adhere to the plan you will overcome your caffeine overdose addiction.

Other simple aids

If you want to energize your body and mind while undergoing the caffeine overdose program, you can apply some of these alternative remedies.

  • Place a little bit of grapefruit, lemon, or lime oil on a tissue and inhale it.
  • You can also try drinking coffee substitutes like barley and chicory or ginger tea.

Final tips

  • Drink plenty of water because a three percent loss of body water can cause fatigue and a ten percent fall in brain function.
  • Keep your caffeine consumption to just (6 fl oz) a day. Let it be under 300mg a day.
  • Remember that coffee and tea are not the only caffeine boosters. Watch out for the pills and chocolates and so on.

With all these plans, you are ready to attack your caffeine problem. Other health places have shed some light on caffeine overdose that might be of interest to you.

You are advised to keep your physician informed about your health plans.


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