How To Look Pretty

How To Look Pretty

Do you want to know how to look pretty always? The answer is not far from you. Let me share this with you from a man’s perspective. Women’s outward appearance appeals to men very much. There are two types of appeal. One is the over-decorated woman, and the other is the natural beauty approach.

Men like to play with the over-decorated beauty (people with suggestive clothing, excessive makeups and more) but like to keep and respect the one with natural beauty and moderate dressing.

Above all, the inward beauty and prettiness count most because that shares a lot of peace.

If you want to know how to look pretty naturally and be more appreciated and respected, then this remedy is for you.

How to look pretty and likable

Dress moderate: Let your attire be very moderate especially in public. Dress clean and do not show cleavages. Your dress can be very modern but not revealing body shape. If you want to be well respected, be careful of your makeup. You should never standout among others with exceptional makeup. Be very even.

Always look presentable and let your hair be well kept but not with strange styles. African American women also need to be careful how their natural hair stands out. Never let your natural hair be very similar to that of the mad man outside. That is a no-no. Stay with your natural hair color and do not try to be like somebody else.

How to be pretty with your shoulder bag: Have you ever seen some women with one shoulder higher than the other? This is because they carried their bags hanging on one side of the shoulder for too long. Make sure you balance the bag occasionally on both sides of your shoulder to have a leveled look with or without a bag.

Go green and look lean: There are extremely powerful teas that can help you lose weight. Green tea is good for stimulating your basal metabolic rate to help you burn calories more easily. Taking 2 cups a day is enough to work for you. However, check out the stronger ones.

Do dry body brushing: It kick-starts your circulation and helps in the elimination of toxins and prevent the skin to look puffy. It also prevents spots, blemishes and dry patches which usually appear as white bumps on the arms and legs, indicating skin congestion.

Try to standup straight: Try to improve your bust line by standing up straight. Your improved posture will naturally lift your rib-cage and help the breast to sit more upright on your chest.

Pay attention to your delicate skin area: The skin on your neck and upper chest are the most delicate part of the body targeted by sun damage that can cause them to age fast. You are most likely to notice the neck lines and crevices before noticing them on your face. The best remedy for these sides are gel or serum-based moisturizer to fade age spots and firm your loose skin quite a bit.

Consider bust toners: You may rely on toners that are formulated for tightening the bust area. You may experience an instant and temporary effect. However, in the long run, the ingredients can benefit the skin.

Really, there is no nonsurgical route to lift the bust, but these toners can help in cell metabolism that can strengthen and renew the skin to leave the texture refined. Massage the toner in gently and avoid the nipples.

How to look pretty with almond oil: Remember to massage your arms regularly with almond oil or olive oil to boost circulation and prevent pimples and rough skin. Concentrate more on the back of your arm where fat deposits can cause uneven skin.

You can also use sweet almond oil to coat your body after shower. It is an excellent penetrating emollient useful for all skin types. It also relieves itching and irritation and you might want to concentrate on the dry area of the skin. You may leave it on overnight.

Take a look at the grapefruit if you want the secrets of how to look pretty. Take a grape fruit for snacks. It is a natural diuretic that prevents bloating and water retention and helps you stay slim.

Many beauty products contain grapefruits mainly for its scent.
Other remedies that can prevent bloating and water retention that can cause puffy eyes and cheeks as well as bloated tummy are watermelon, watercress, fennel and peppermint tea.

Attempt a lotion bath: Allow your skin to take in more moisture by applying moisturizing cream to your wet body just after bath. Creams that contain glycolic acid and salicylic acid can help even out the skin tone and improve skin texture.

Do not have a smelly breath: Mouth odor is something that can stick in the mind of others who smell your mouth. You can work on it later on but that stigma is established and can affect good relations. Always keep some mint in your bag in case you need to use some.

Think yourself beautiful: One simple and effective way of how to look pretty is to look at your self from the warm heart, not the critical brain. Accept yourself and tell yourself you are beautiful. Wrap your hand around yourself and hug yourself, and declare that you are beautiful, and lovable.

See yourself and others through love. If you are openhearted then you are beautiful. Do not pinpoint a slight problem in your body and dwell on it constantly to overcome your beauty outlook. Do not let that fear rule you and learn to accept good accolades from others instead of down-playing them.

Change yourself but not others: You may not have the most beautiful face physic, but this is one secret of how to look pretty before many people. Many good men want an inward skin- deep beauty first before considering the outward look because this brings them peace.

Many people spend a lot of time trying to make others think like them only to be rebuffed. Accept the fact that you cannot change anybody but only yourself. That does not mean that you should accept bad behavior towards you or others. Though you cannot make them see like you, just be nice to all people and your countenance will be more buoyant with life.

Understand your moods: Though you can be very pretty, a bad mood can make you repugnant to others. That means your beauty will stink before them. Moods swing for various reasons such as hormones, tiredness, weather changes, and so on. Be careful not to engage in dangerous conversation or have a droopy composure when you have low mood. Level up and be an over-comer.

Live in the present: Here is another secret of how to look pretty. Do not spend time regretting about the past or thinking of how you will be in the future. All that brings is resentment which has a physical toll on the body outlook. The body needs a peaceful mind, proper heartbeat and blood flow to grow nice. The word resentment literally means re-feeling. This re-feeling can break you down emotionally. Look at yourself and see how blessed you are now and this can bring you a surge of instant peace and happiness.

Deep beauty of the woman: There are many ways of how to look pretty such as good body care, good eating, and so on. However deep true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is caring that she willingly loves to give and the passion that she willingly shows. This causes the beauty of the woman in the passing years to grow and grow.


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