How to get nice nails

How to get nice nails

Nice nails build up your confidence. They make you look cute and best of all they make you feel great when people notice the quality of your finger nails. Do everything to keep up the quality. However, do not spend so much for the upkeep. You can always do it at less cost and below are some ways to go about it.

How to get nice nails

Cuticle oil for nails: If you want your nails to grow nicely, use some cuticle oil to massage the base of your nail many times in a day to stimulate the nail bed and encourage growth.

just bend your fingers toward the center of your palm and massage them for 2 minutes to encourage flow of oxygen and nutrient rich blood.

Neat nails: Why spend money on weekly manicure for pretty hands and nice nails when you can get the same result with moisturizer. Do you spend money and time to apply polish weekly? Just get a nail bugger for natural gloss that can last for years.

Clean pre-manicure: Here is a simple step to condition your nails for manicure treatment. Add some apple juice to 8 ounces for plain natural yogurt and refrigerate for hours. Use it for massaging your hands and nails.

Do you have dry and battered cuticles?

Do not be quick to go for cuticle creams. Instead, rub some avocado skin into your cuticles. It contains some vitamin E and natural oils that can heal your fingers and produce nice nails.

Nice nail softener: Do you know you can make your own sweet-smelling cuticle softener that can work perfectly well for you? Just blend together 1 teaspoon of mango or papaya juice with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and ½ teaspoon of egg yolk. Apply the mixture to your cuticle and let it sit as long as you want and rinse with water.

Nail hardeners that contain formaldehyde can cause your nails to peel, split and be loosed when your nail plate is separated from the nail bed. Here is how to repair the situation, reduce the usage of hand products and rely on perfume-free nail cream.

For stronger nail that will not split or break: Chop some fresh garlic and add it to your clear nail polish. Store away in a close bottle for 7 days and use it to coat your nails.

Cracked nails: When your nails are cracked or broken, it is likely possible that you have protein deficiency in your food supply. Change your foods to fish, lean meat, fruits and vegetables. You must also use nail creams to hydrate your fingers for nice nails.

Patching a broken nail: The best thing to do is to go to a manicurist to use the tiny adhesive strips that brings back the two sides for the split together. You may try the over-the-counter adhesives if you like.

Silk cure for broken nail: If you experience broken or soft nails quite often, go for a silk wrapping treatment at a salon. They will glue a thin layer of silk to your nails and buff it to an invisible finish and you will come out with some nice nails.

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File first for home manicure: Make sure you file first before removing your old nail vanish because it keeps the nails protected. If you remove it first, your nails will be weakened and softer.

Dry nail varnish fast: If you want your nail varnish to dry fast, let cold water run over your fingers for about ten minutes and the varnish will harden in no time.

Overcome brittle nails: Sometimes excessive use of commercial nail hardeners, or long exposure to the hush sunlight, or poor diet can cause your nails to brittle. Try to stay away from varnish and nail hardeners that contain formaldehyde because it makes them very dry.

Iron deficiency and ridges: If you discover ridges on your nails for the first time, that could be a sign of you having anaemia. Go for a medical checkup. However, some manicurists may overdo your nails that can make them look like nails with ridges. Do not panic over that.

Protect your nails from drying: Consider using waterproof varnish that can seal moisture in the nail and resist water and dirt. You can also use nail oil or waxy lip balm as effective nail moisturizer overnight.

Your nail must breathe: Do not paint your nails for a few days in a month so that they can breathe. This helps to reduce the yellowing and stains from old polish on them. It permits the finger nails to grow healthy and become nice.

Filing your nail: If you want to have nice nails, then be careful how you file them. File them from the outside edge towards the center instead of doing it back and forth which can cause splits and tears. Position your file in a way that will allow you to file away more from underneath your nails than the top. Do stay away from metal emery boards because they tend to be too harsh for the nail ends.

Allow your white spot to grow out: White spots on nails are usually cause by trauma to the nail or nail bed. Just be patient for it to grow out and be gentle manicuring the nail. Be careful not to dig beneath the cuticles where new growth develops because it can easily cause white spots and damaged nail.

Lighten discolored nails: One simple way to lighten your discolored nails is to use a remover that contains lemon juice to bleach out color.

Fix your white flecks: Some causes of white flecks may be due to injury or some form of deficiency in zinc. Take a good source of dietary zinc which may include eggs, lentils, and chickpeas.

Acetone-free nail vanish remover: The acetone free nail removers can remove your nail colors without damaging the nail surface. Acetone removers will strip off the natural oils on your nails and make them look dry and dull.

Do not cut your cuticles: If you cut them, they will become hard and scarred. Soak your hands first, and then use a flannel or towel to push them back and apply cuticle oil to keep them soft.

Smooth nail: If you do not want to have ridges and irregularities on your nail surface, apply nail coat before varnishing. This will give it a protective layer and prevent staining.

Peeling polish: If your nail polish peels from the edge, you may have applied too much thick layers. Instead of applying two thick coats, try using more numbers of thin coats for nails.

Your age affects nail growth: At an older age, your nail grow half the length than when you were younger. If you want to grow them at an upper age, Massage vitamin-rich oil into the base every night to enable growth from the nail bed.

Tip for getting longer nail: Leave some margin around your nail when you apply varnish to prevent smudged and bleeding. It makes your nail looks longer and thinner.

Hydrate your nails. Always need to be hydrated just like the hair for healthy growth. Make sure you keep the cuticle hydrated with natural cuticle oil or a greasy lip balm which can give it an instant moisture.

These are just some few tips that you can look through and apply some.


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