home remedy for Black Hair Naturally

home remedy for Black Hair Naturally
home remedy for Black Hair Naturally

home remedy for Black Hair Naturally: It’s God’s gift to everybody to have black hair a beauty of its own. But environmental pollution increasing rapidly, at an early age whitening has become a common hair problem for all the people. If we see many of the women are still the young-looking with black hair in the above sixties also. Do you know why? because of those women strictly followed hygienic food and herbal precautions for their health and hair from their childhood. The preparation of some home-made soaps and herbal shampoos smelled heavenly which they used in their early days. it is a wonder to know the secret of natural black hair is held in nature. Presently we don’t see the virginal black-hair treatments in the commercial parlors. It is better to use natural home-based products without any side effects or contraindications.

Many of you are using expensive brand hair powders and liquids. Those are sure to damage the natural pigments of your hair, in the long run, make your hair white. Here I have mentioned some workable natural solutions which would help you in hold back the blackness of your hair. It is better to consult your experienced doctors or medical professionals before going to use the above natural and herbal treatments.

home remedy for Black Hair Naturally

1. Black Tea remedy for black hair

Black tea bags are available in your nearest shops.
You take some black tea bags and pour them in a water vessel and boil them in low flame for some time until the color changes into black.
Keep in a cool place sometimes filter the mixture and apply the content on your hair and scalp evenly.
Repeat this hair pack at least twice a week for effective results.
This pack contains antioxidants and antiseptic properties which helps your hair in protecting the brittle hair follicles.

2. Gooseberry, Henna, and Soap nut hair pack

Undoubtedly this pack gets you black hair naturally, so give it a try.
Required ingredients to this pack are gooseberry, henna powder, soap nuts, lemon juice, coconut oil (without alum), vinegar.
An iron bowl is required for this preparation it oxidizes and helps in producing thicker and darker paste.
You can easily apply this paste to your whole hair and scalp and after some time wash it with cold water.
After this process applies pure coconut oil to nourish the goodness of the used ingredients and to keep them for a long time.
Repeat this consistently thrice a week for stronger and darker hair quite naturally.

3. sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are easily available in all general provision shops. You take black sesame seeds which contain more nutrients and vitamins compared to white seeds.
Soak sesame seeds in water for two hours and later paste them in a grinder or mixer.
Apply this paste to your hair and scalp for one to two hours and wash it with cold water.
This pack gradually results in natural black dark hair and promotes hair growth and hair luster.
It is also suggested to continue this remedy for a long time.

4. Hibiscus flower and green leaves combination with Gooseberry

Make the gooseberry pulp and then mix it with hibiscus flower juice. And apply this pulp to your whole hair and scalp.
Wait for one hour rinse your hair with cold water.
Continue this pack twice a week.

5. Sage leaves hair remedy

Collect some sage leaves and keep them in a water bowl to soak for some time, later boil them for fifteen minutes.
Take a spray bottle fill it with this boiled mixture and spray them on your hair whenever you oil your hair.
Wash your hair with normal warm water.
Do this twice a week you can see the best results.

6. Get black hair naturally with Indigo

Indigo’s chemical name is Indigofera tinctoria. It holds a dark blue pigment. That gives dark black hair color naturally.
Indigo not only gives black color to your hair but also cures headaches, scalp diseases, some poisonous insect bites, and viral infections.

7. Remedy and usage of indigo

Apply the natural henna pack to your hair and scalp, and wash after two hours without shampoo.
Next day take indigo powder by mixing with warm water and apply this mixture to your hair. Leave it for one hour.
Now wash your hair with normal cold water. Don’t use shampoo.

8. Remedy with ghee with mulethi

How to get back black hair naturally? Sure you can bring back your black hair with this mixture.
You require 750 grams of ghee, 750 grams of Amla juice, and 200 grams of mulethi.
Boil the above until the water evaporates from the mixture.
Now you can get the exact required paste.
Keep this mixture in ceramic jar container, and apply this mixture to your hair one hour before going to head bath.

9. Home remedy for Black Hair Naturally with onions

You must be afraid of onion cutting because it has very strong odors that tend to burn your eyes. Tears dropping out their eyes while cutting onions, though the onion has a useful effect of treating your white hair black naturally.
Take some onions cut them into small pieces and grind them in your mixture.
Apply this paste to your hair and touching the roots of the hair.
Wait for one hour, later clean your hair with cold water using a mild shampoo.
Repeat this remedy twice a week to stay far away from white hair.

10. Shikakai and gooseberry remedy

Mix Shikakai powder 5 tablespoons, add gooseberry powder 5 tablespoons and vinegar 2 tablespoons and apply this mixture using a brush to your hair and your scalp completely.
Stay for at least one hour and then rinse your hair with cold water.
Continue this remedy for thrice week after one month you can observe positive results.

11. home remedy for Black Hair Naturally with carrot juice

You need to drink a glass of carrot juice while wake up in the morning, some of you might be applying it to your hair also.
If you continue this remedy for a month sure, you can see the difference in your hair.

12. Beetroot juice remedy

Many of the women’s common syndrome is anemia because of this Red blood cell count is below 5 it is also caused by white hair and other health problems.
If you take a glass of beetroot juice in the morning and evening twice a day for 40 days your health recovery is sure and you can see the best results after a duration of treatment.
Your hair also starts to get back black naturally after 40 days.

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13. Remedy with mango for black hair naturally

It is unbelievable that the fact even the green mango also helps in gaining black of your hair naturally.
Peel off some unripe mangoes and take some mango leaves, grind them in a mixture adding some oil.
Keep this mixture in hot summer for five to six days.
Apply this paste and you can get wonderful results.

14. Mango stones remedy for black hair

Take mango stone powder mix it with hair oil.
Apply this to your hair and in touch with the roots of the hair.
This paste naturally turns the white hair into black.
If you start this process from your early years, stops the hair to become white.
It eradicates the harmful effects of dandruff and hair fall.

15. Remedy with black coffee and henna catechu

It’s an ancient home remedy mix of henna with coffee powder, curd, lemon, gooseberry, and catechu.
With the above ingredients make a thick paste.
Apply this paste to your hair and continue this process twice a week without a gap.
You can see positive results gradually.


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