Home Remedies for Infertility

Home Remedies for Infertility

Contrary to popular belief, infertility is not a reserve for married couples but rather arises due to several factors over a long period of time. While some of these factors can be controlled through simple do-it-yourself remedies, others may require the intervention of a specialist. Married couples who are driven by the desire to have a baby try all sorts of home remedies for infertility.

Home Remedies for Infertility

Infertility problems are found in both women and men and this has been proven after extensive research and studies from various quarters. This has come to dispute myths that infertility (1) is only found in women. While some of the factors that cause infertility are due to complications that require specialized treatment, others can be handled through simple home remedies for infertility.

For women, the advancement in an age appears to be the single most cause of infertility. This situation becomes worse with age since women become less and less responsive to infertility treatment. The well-known causes of infertility in women are poor coital response, irregular menstrual cycles, and gynecological problems. Past or current infections of the pelvis and diseases such as tuberculosis are also known to cause infertility in women.


Infertility in men is mostly caused by infections of the reproductive organs, whether current or past. The functioning of the reproductive system can also be adversely affected by medical procedures (surgeries) or exposure to excessive conditions such as toxins in the workplace. Men also subject themselves to the dangers of infertility through behaviors like smoking and drug abuse.


Naturally, there is a 90% chance of the woman conceiving within the first twelve months of marriage. If this does not happen, help may be sought. However, there is still the likelihood of getting pregnant in the second year. It is advisable for couples to seek medical help if at least two years of an active sexual life do not bear a conception. Before you can see a specialist, you might consider trying several home remedies for infertility which might just help.

Herbal remedies

Herbs have been the major components of home remedies for infertility in men and women for ages, working well for hormonal balance and proper functioning of the reproductive system. Herbal remedies are present in many fruits, barks, and roots and can be prepared to form tinctures, capsules, or even tea. Since the ingredients of these herbs can be collected easily, it is better to prepare the concoctions yourself or task a trusted company to do that for you.

The main highlight of making home remedies for infertility from herbs is the extraction of the healing components from the plant. For example for tisanes, the healing components are simply extracted by boiling the herbs in boiling water.

Most of the home remedies for infertility are given for general purposes so it would be important for one to see a specialist before trying any of the methods. To heal infertility problems, herbs can be taken as infusion teas or tinctures depending on how the healing components are extracted. Home remedies for infertility can be categorized according to their purposes in the body which are stimulation, cleansing, and strengthening of the reproductive system.

Herbal tea remedy

In order to cleanse the reproductive system of a woman, the following herbal tea remedy is suggested. The herbal formula should contain 2 parts each of rose hips, dandelion roots, and basil leaf. It also includes 4 parts of clover leaves, a part of horsetail herb, and 3 parts of marigold herbs. In the preparation, the mixture of the herbs is put in a plastic container and mixed gently for some time. The mixture is then boiled in water for about fifteen minutes and then the liquid strained. Drinking 4 cups of this concoction daily for a week can have positive effects.

Liver tonic

Another home remedy for infertility that can cleanse your system is a liver tonic which has the effect of enhancing the functioning of the liver, balancing the production of estrogen, and detoxifying the organ. The formula contains dandelion, sarsaparilla, and burdock roots. It is also prepared by boiling in water and straining the resulting solution. The solution can be somewhat bitter so add some sugar or honey and take two cups on a daily basis.

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For stimulation of the system, you consider both the Luteal phase and Follicular phase of the menstrual cycle. In the Follicular phase, home remedies for infertility are important for the regulation of hormone production. Herbs that form the mixture for this purpose are Back Cohosh root, Panax Ginger root, Rosemary herb, and Dong Quai herb. Prepare as in the other cases and take four cups daily. In the Luteal phase, the herbs used are Skull herb, Sarsaparilla, Cramp Bark, and Vitex Agnus-Castus.

It is very important to strengthen the reproductive system and home remedies for infertility do just that. Taking four cups of a formula containing raspberry, Vitex Agnus-Castus, Motherwort, and Nettle leaf are good for supporting the uterus and ovaries. Try any of these home remedies for infertility and you might have the desired pregnancy.


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