Home Remedies for Getting Pregnant

Home Remedies for Getting Pregnant

It is the desire of most couples to have children as a culmination of their love life. Some couples have been childless for a long time because of conception problems. Infertility in either or both of the partners is a major challenge that some couples have to contend with. Several factors that have been known to lead to infertility include biological conditions, stress and smoking. Considering that most health insurances do not cover the infertility problem, home remedies for getting pregnant are the only options for most couples.

Home Remedies for Getting Pregnant

If there is nothing wrong with you or your partner, there shouldn’t be any problem making a baby. If for any reason it is difficult to do so, there are some dietary and lifestyle changes that form home remedies for getting pregnant (1). Difficulty in conceiving can be overcome through natural home-based methods. All of home remedies for getting pregnant are easy to apply and if followed, the joy of parenthood can be realized.

Conception somehow depends on the health of the woman and as such whatever she eats can have a huge effect on this process. On the same line, the life to be created depends entirely on the mother in the initial stages and it is only logical that the mother needs to be in good health for this being to thrive. Therefore, it is important to partake of enough nutritious diet to boost the chances of conceiving and enhance the fetus to successfully go through the development stages.

Eat protein-rich foods

As a general rule, it is advisable for the aspiring mother to increase the intake of plant based foods as home remedy for getting pregnant. Well known protein-rich foods include whole grains, legumes and nuts. These will provide the nutrients needed before and after conception. Eating more leafy vegetables and less animal protein increases the chances of conception. If you do not like these foods, find ways of sneaking them into your meals. For instance you can have tiny chips of spinach added to lasagna, and you will barely notice them as you eat.


The level of fertility is also linked to the amount of fats present in the body, with recent studies indicating that trans fats have a direct effect on the woman’s ability to conceive. According to the study results presented by the Harvard school of public health, trans fats decrease the level of high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels and increase low density lipoprotein (LDL) levels in the body. Essentially, these fats can lead to obesity which is not a favorable condition for ovulation.

Additionally, being overweight interferes with certain systems of the body, for instance the resistance to insulin increases. With the blood sugar high, ovulation is further hampered. This, coupled with the inflammatory effects of trans fats, makes conception and embryo development a mirage. A home remedy for getting pregnant in this case would be to increase the intake of natural fat foods such as avocados, olives, nuts, organic eggs etc.

regular exercise

To add to the dietary alterations, there are certain lifestyle changes that can be adopted to compliment other home remedies for getting pregnant. Watching your weight is one of the crucial steps because being overweight or underweight is understood to interrupt fertility through instabilities in the menstrual cycle. This is because the production of hormones estrogen and leptin depends on the amount of fats in the body system. Maintaining a healthy body weight is achieved by embarking on a regular exercise program as a home remedy for getting pregnant.

herbs and supplements

Perhaps the most popular natural home remedy for getting pregnant is found in herbs and supplements, most of which work by manipulating the hormonal balance in the body. Some of these are locally available and well known, so getting them should not be a problem. One option that should be tried is red clover, biologically known as trifolium pretense. This herb contains isoflavones which enhance fertility in women by boosting the production of estrogen. The presence of magnesium and calcium in the red clover is also important for the proper functioning of the central nervous system, which plays a huge role in fertility levels.

Ginkgo Biloba

Another home remedy for getting pregnant would be the Ginkgo Biloba which has for decades been used for the treatment of memory problems and circulatory disorders. If taken by either of the partners, the herb improves the functioning of the reproductive organs through improved blood flow.

green tea

For its antioxidant properties, green tea has been recommended as a home remedy for getting pregnant. It has the effect of repairing the damages caused by oxidation in the reproductive organs. According to a research carried out by the American Journal of Public Health, taking a daily dose of at least half a cup of green tea increases conception chances by 50% per cycle.

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There are several other herbs and supplements that can improve the odds of getting pregnant including antioxidant support, Ladies Mantle, Vitex and the Red Raspberry Leaf. However, all these home remedies for getting pregnant will only be effective if they are not combined with modern medicine.


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