Home Remedies for Fever

Home Remedies For Fever
Home Remedies For Fever

There are many home remedies for fever around us that we sometimes overlook. However, if you get to know about them, you will discover how beneficial they can be to you.

Fever may be caused by many different conditions(1) such as infections, trauma, anemia, some metabolic disorders, arthritic conditions, and immune system dysfunction.

Fever actually stimulates our immune system to defeat the virus. It mobilizes the white cells to destroy the invader.

If the temperature rises above 102° F, medical attention may be requested.

Home Remedies For Fever in Children

Some symptoms of fever include vomiting and diarrhea, dilated pupils, stiff neck, and sometimes seizure. Children with fever may display symptoms such as continuous crying, difficulty in waking up, dehydration, decrease in urine, and trouble breathing. You can rely on some home remedies for the fever to reduce the temperature.

Cayenne and orange juice

Among the many home remedies for fever, this is a quick one that works very fast especially when it is fever with colds.

Boil 1 cup of water and remove from heat. Add many pods of cayenne pepper to the hot water and let them steep for 30 minutes. Strain and add ¼ cup of sugar and juice from 2 oranges to it. Stir and drink hot to assuage your fever.

Yarrow tea remedy

One quick way to stop fever is to drink a cup of yarrow tea every 3 hours and after the third cup, you will notice relief. Or, you may choose to drink elderberry tea instead. Yarrow is also a good fever treatment for children.

Fenugreek – sassafras

You might want to consider these simple herbal tea remedies too. Add some lemon and honey to a cup of tea made with fenugreek and sassafras herbs and drink 2 cups daily for healing.

Hulled barley grains

One of the cute home remedies for fever is barley grain. This is a diet that helps to cool the body and reduce cloying than any other grain out there.

Peppermint and Elderflowers

Add 1 ounce of peppermint leaves and 1 ounce of elderflowers to 2 cups of water and simmer for ½ an hour. Remove from heat and strain the solid content out of the juice. Drink ½ a cup of it daily to relieve fever and cold.

Catnip remedy

Boil 1 teaspoon of catnip in 1 cup of water for 10 minutes. Strain out the solids and add the juice to 1 cup of cherry juice and drink it to reduce your fever by sweating. This is one of the fever remedies for children you can use.

Cayenne pepper capsule

Another one of the home remedies for fever you can consider trying is cayenne pepper, Fill empty capsules with cayenne pepper and take 2 of the capsule every 4 hours to induce perspiration and pull down fever fast.

Cold compress

Fevers that get to about 101°F may need cold compress on the forehead and wiping the whole body with tepid water. You may add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the water to do away with the smell of fever.

Check the body temperature when applying the compress and make sure it does not fall drastically. If it does the body temperature regulator can be confused and send the body into shock. This method is good for children too.

Vinegar remedy

Mix together 1 part of vinegar with 2 parts of honey and 3 parts of water and drink for relief.

Soup home remedies for fever

There is a loss of appetite when you have a fever because the body concentrates all its energy on fighting the fever. So a drop in body temperature will revive the appetite which quickly depletes the glucose energy source of the body.

The body will then need soupy fluids for replenishment. Try drinking a lot of vegetable soups. This is also good for the flu.

Baby remedy

If the fever lasts too long or the temperature rises too high with the baby, dampen a sheet with 2 cups of water and 2 cups of vinegar and wrap around the baby. Meanwhile, try to feed the baby with teaspoons of tepid water a number of times.

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Peach and pear juices

Some of the effective home remedies for fever are peach and pear juices. They have a strong cooling effect on the body system during mild or extreme fevers.

Method of preparation

Wash one ripe peach and pear properly and cut out the pit from the peach. Slice both fruits into pieces with skin on, and pour them in a juicer with 1 cup of water added to it.

Juice on medium speed for about a minute and add extra water if necessary. This will give you 2 cups. Drink it immediately at room temperature for treatment. This fever home remedy is good for children too.

Horseradish treatment

Make a pulp-like poultice of fresh moringa also known as horseradish leaves and place it to the soles of the feet. Spread it on a gauze and place it under the feet wrapping bandage around it and let it stay for a while until you notice a drop in body temperature. You can get the herb online.

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Mustard with egg white

Mix some mustard with egg white and spread it on both wrists to prevent temperatures from rising as soon as you notice the symptoms.

Onion slices

Slice some onion into pieces and apply it to the sole of the feet to draw out high fever.

Potato remedy

Peel and slice the potato into pieces and bind on the feet of a child to reduce the fever.

Any of these home remedies for fever can be useful for treatment however any fever with a very high temperature should call for immediate medical attention.


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