Home Remedies for Body Odor

Home Remedies for Body Odor
Home Remedies for Body Odor

Home Remedies for Body Odor: Do you smell your body always? Natural body odor remedies can help you out. Bad body odor occurs (1) mainly because of what we eat, indigestion problems, and bacteria that work on body sweat to produce odor.

There are many special natural treatments that you can use to solve this problem. Go through them and find out which ones are easy for you to come by.

Home remedies for body odor

Herbal drink for bad body odor

Combine a little bit of ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon powder in a glass of water and drink it to reduce indigestion that is caused by too much stomach acid.

Special herbal tea

When your body odor is the result of poor elimination of waste, you can rely on this herbal tea to clean your system and free you from the problem.

  • Yarrow
  • Calendula
  • Cleavers
  • Red clover
  • Peppermint
  • 4 cups of warm water

Mix equal parts of the herbs in a bowl and add 1 tablespoon of the mixture to the 4 cups of water. Bring it to a boil and let it steep for 15 minutes. Strain the solids out and sip it as tea throughout the whole day for body cleansing. You should notice the difference.

Digestive bitters

Your system needs a very efficient ongoing digestive action and one of the best body odor remedies is Natureworks herbal bitters (Swedish bitters). It increases liver function and stimulates proper digestion.

Colon herbal laxatives

Your colon needs to be kept clean to prevent bad body odor issues. You will need an effective herbal laxative treatment occasionally such as Herbaltone which is available online such as Amazon.

Alfalfa body odor remedies: Drinking 3 cups of alfalfa tea a day can control body odor. Boil 1 teaspoon of the herb in a cup of water, steep for 10 minutes, and drink daily but do not use it if you are pregnant or using blood-thinning medication.

Fennel fresh: For any kind of smell such as garlic, onions, and strong-scented foods, boil 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds in a cup of water, steep for 10 minutes, and drink as a tea to reduce the smell. Fennel is a good natural deodorizer used heavily in Indian restaurants to replace after-meals mint.

Witch hazel deodorant

These bad body odor remedies are a quick relief method you can apply to your body and armpit. Combine the following items below for your usage.

  • ½ cup witch hazel
  • 1 tablespoon glycerin
  • ½ teaspoon liquid chlorophyll
  • 2 tablespoons vodka

Mix all the ingredients above and pour it into a small spray bottle that you can carry with you. Spray your body or armpit with it any time the need arises.

Chlorophyll tonic remedy

Chlorophyll does well in eliminating odors. Though it may not make you smell like roses it surely stops the body smell that embarrasses you. Combine the following for treatment.

  • 1 teaspoon of chlorophyll
  • Juice from 1 lemon
  • 1 cup of water

Mix the chlorophyll and lemon juice in the cup of water and drink it first thing in the morning to clean out your system and stop the odor afflicting you. This one of the simple but effective bad body odor remedies to come by.

Sage remedy for Body Odor

Bad smell is no joke. It can deny you so many good opportunities so get some strong natural bad body odor remedies that can solve your problem. Below is a remedy that you can rely on for treatment.

  • 2 ounces of distilled witch hazel
  • 5 drops – coriander oil
  • Take 5 drops – sage oil
  • 5 drops – lavender oil

Add the coriander, sage, and lavender to the witch hazel and pour it in a spray bottle. Shake it very well and use it to spray your body. Witch hazel has tannic acid which helps to close sweat gland pores and prevent odor-causing bacteria from doing their dirty work. These oils are available in health food stores.

Probiotics remedy

For odor caused by bad intestinal bacteria, you will need some good friendly bacteria to overcome it and restore health to the intestines. Probiotics do exactly that. Use the one that contains Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria as well as FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides). This coupled with a reasonable diet plan can get rid of the body odor.

Zinc trials

It is interesting that some people took zinc supplements for a couple of weeks and got the bad odor off their bodies. Hopefully, that may work as one of your body odor remedies too. Or, you may eat a lot of pumpkin seeds that contain zinc.

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Body brushing remedy

  • Use a natural bristle dry skin brush over your body daily to stimulate your skin and also improve circulation. Brushing your skin can also remove dead smelly skin cells as well as help the body release odor-causing toxins.
  • Start by brushing the bottom of your feet and brush all-around your legs upward toward your heart. Brush your inner and outer thighs, abdomen, buttocks, chest, back, and arms upward toward the heart. Do not let your brush get wet to prevent mold. Brushing may not be comfortable but is one of the neat body odor remedies.
  • Waterlilies: Boil some water lilies in little water and use it as a liniment over your body as one of the body odor remedies for treatment.
  • Thyme and lavender remedy: Add 3 sprigs each of thyme, lavender, spearmint, and beebalm to 2 cups of boiling water. Strain and add an equal amount of brandy to it. When you take a bath add ¼ cup to the bathwater for treatment.
  • Lovage or oak leaves: Add some oak or lovage leaves to your bath water to eliminate body smell.
  • Yogurt body scrub: Make a paste of a tablespoon each of yogurt and ground lentils and adds a few drops of lime juice to it. Use it as a body scrub when you take a shower as a treatment for odor.

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Diet body odor remedies

You need a diet that will clean your system out and eliminate toxins that emit body odor or smell.

  • A one-day apple juice diet with 1 tablet of Psyllium husk is needed to start cleansing the body.
  • After the juice fasts, your diet must include the following: Green vegetables and chlorophyll foods like sprouts and parsley, crunchy fruits, cultured foods such as tofu, kefir, and yogurt needed for effective intestinal flora.
  • Drink a glass of water with some lemon juice added to it every morning and also just drink a lot of water daily.
  • On regular basis drink some carrot or apple juice with some drops of liquid chlorophyll added to it for neutralizing stomach acids and cleansing the digestive tract.
  • Make sure you eat smaller meals and take your time to chew your food well.
  • Be determined to reduce or stay away from fried foods, red meats, heavy animal protein foods, and heavy sweets.

Basic help

Sometimes your body chemical may be changing and the old deodorant may not work well anymore. Switch to a different natural deodorant.

Choose breathing clothes: Most synthetic fabrics and polyester retain odors close to the body. While silk, cotton, and some athletes’ fabric permit free circulation of moisture so that the clothes will not cling to your body.

It doesn’t hurt to take a good shower and just add a little baking soda to it to start attacking the odor.

Let these natural bad body odor remedies help you overcome your embarrassing situation.

Researches are always going on to find some quick solutions to this problem. You may look into that too but natural things are enjoyed better by the body.


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