Home Remedies For Better Living

Home Remedies For Better Living

Home remedies for Better Living help you to create natural house and garden environment that provide you with a better living condition. Many homes today are built on energy-saving plan that does not consider ventilation issues very much. As a result of that, pollution and toxins accumulate. These have serious repercussions on people.

Home Remedies For Better Living

The best, easiest and less costly way to deal with this is to rely on natural products and plants for non-toxic home environment. You may not have full control over the outdoor pollution but you can do something about the indoor problem. The following home health remedies can be of great help to you.

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You always need fresh air

Always open your windows for about 20 minutes in the morning and evening to let in air and reduce pollutants. Do not permit smoking in your rooms. You might want to consider buying air purifier but make sure you get the best one.

You may choose to use portable air filters in individual rooms or install and frequently change air filters in the installed ventilation system. Do settle for the high efficiency air filter such as the HEPA filters and HEPA vacuum cleaners that can capture airborne dust mites.

Be careful of formaldehyde

This product is volatile and toxic and can instigate irritation to your throat, eyes and nose. It is very common in household products such as carpets, wood finishes, household cleaners, particle boards, and more.

The best way to reduce the formaldehyde gasses is to keep room temperature around 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit or 18-21 degrees centigrade. Install a humidity gauge and make sure it stays between 35-50 percent. These home health remedies are useful.

How do plants help

Some of your home health remedies can include plants if you are plant lover. Some household plants perform very well in purifying the air in your house. They can remove whole number of pollutants from the air such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, ammonia, xylene and benzene.

The plants include English ivy, schefflera, Boston fern, Bamboo palm, Peace lily, Spider plant, Aloe vera, and Ficus.

Mold and mildew prevention

Keep your humidity level low to control mold, mildew, and dust mite. Get proper ventilation to suck up moisture. Make sure your bathroom and kitchen have exhaust fans. Excess moisture can also be removed by dehumidifiers. Do not let your home get too warm and wet.

What about dry-cleaning?

This is one of the important home health remedies you need to know. If possible restrict dry-cleaning your clothes because many of the cleaners use perchloroethylene. This is a cancerous solvent that stays in your clothes. You may sun-dry your clothes. However if they are dry-cleaned, air them outside for days before bringing them in.

Keep your central air system clean

Get your cooling and heating system checked yearly. Change air filters at least every 2 months. Keep your chimneys and furnace clean. Change filters if they do use them. Use only cured and aged wood in your fireplace.

Watch out for carbon monoxide

Any appliance that burns fuel needs to be properly observed for carbon monoxide pollution. This colorless gas is deadly so make sure you install a carbon monoxide detector alarm in the home to give you a warning of the gas concentration.

Observe your gas burning appliances

If you use any appliance that burns gas, make sure the fire is blue color. Yellow flames or yellow tips can easily pollute your house.

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You need a non-pollutant floor

One of the important home health remedies to consider is the flooring issues. Carpets are strong toxic air polluters. Beside containing formaldehyde, they easily trap dust, fumes and other contaminants and release them into the room. If possible, replace them with hard wood floors and use water-based sealants as a final finish. Vinyl floors also pose some danger because they contain plasticizers chemical. The best replacement for these are hardwood, natural linoleum, and ceramic tiles.

Lookout for lead-based paint in your home

Lead-based paint in a home over time can lead to permanent neurological damage especially in children when inhaled or ingested. Most homes built before 1980 are lead-based painted. The best way is to use water-based paint. If you have to remove lead paint, call on a professional to do so.

Lookout for asbestos and radon gas

Asbestos can normally be found in home insulation, exterior shingles, and sometimes in vinyl floors and ducts especially in homes built before 1980. They can easily cause cancer especially when the fibers are released into the air for breathing. It will help if you have your home checked for any of these effects.

Another radioactive gas linked to lung cancer is the radon gas that can naturally be found in certain soils and rocks. Buy yourself a good test kit to check your home for this.

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Reduce the use of chlorine in water

Chlorine damages your immune system and contributes to degenerative diseases. It can combine with other chemicals in water to form a dangerous cancer-causing hazard. Install good water purifier to filter out the chlorine from your drinking, and cooking. For your bathing water, find an excellent filter that can remove chlorine from your the water.

What about the furnishing

When it comes to materials and furnishing of your home, the best home health remedies to use are natural materials. Avoid synthetic if possible. Go for solid wood furniture and limit the use of particle board and plastic. Rely also on upholstery with natural fabrics.

For your windows, choose natural fabric drapes and wood or metal blinds. Use cotton sheets for your bedroom. Don’t go with press sheets because of the formaldehyde (toxic chemical) it contains. For your blankets, comforters, and pillows, rely on materials made of wool, cotton, or down.

If you really want to go natural green

If you want to go green a little bit more, then restrict the use of unnecessary electrical products in your bedroom such as computers, electric blankets, and the big screen television. These can emit electromagnetic fields that can influence your sleep pattern or even contribute to cancerous disease.

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