Health benefits of Avocado

Health benefits of Avocado

Avocado – It is considered to be the world’s healthiest food that you might have come across. Health benefits of avocado eating are very hard to describe, it is just awesome fruit This nutrition-packed super green fruit has such an amazing bountiful of health benefits that none other fruit or veggie provides to your body. If you are fussy about putting on weight by consuming Avocado, then you are assuming wrong. Not all calories are created equal and this super green fruit is a wonderful example in front of you.

Health benefits of avocado as Nutrition

Also known as “Alligator Pear” – avocado is reflecting the shape and leather-like appearance of the skin. The fruit is said to be belonging to “Persea Americana”, it is a tall evergreen tree that grows about 65 feet in height. We might know the avocado as any other fruit item used in salads, guacamole, jams, and spreads but very few know the avocado nutrition facts. Avocados (1) are a great source of Vitamin C, K, B6, and folate. The fruit is also packed with Potassium and Fiber. The nutrition that avocado provides for a human body is:

  • An avocado contains more Potassium than bananas- Which means a single avocado has about 977 milligrams of Potassium whereas a banana is known for being packed with Potassium that delivers just half of it for about 485 milligrams per single fruit.
  • You can swap avocados into baked food items, using it like butter- Avocado can be used as a substitute for the butter because of its rich creamy texture. Not to worry you won’t get a green cake or muffins so rest assure that your bakery items are as healthy as ever and won’t be turning into green.
  • Avocados are one of the few fruits packed with high proteins – The fruit is a good quality protein boost. Every single fruit bears a good amount of amino acid that is needed in the human body for protein build. Additionally, it has got all kinds of proteins that your meat source cannot provide.
  • Avocados ripen quickly than an apple or banana- Speaking of apples as well those yellow fruits the avocados release ethylene gas which naturally builds inside the fruit. If you pack your other unripe fruits in the bag of avocados, it will help speed up the ripening process of your other green fruits.

With the above-mentioned avocado nutrient facts, you don’t have to eat to reap the benefits. Speaking of nutritional facts, the fruit plays a key role in mending skin and hair problems. The essential oils, amino acids, and antioxidants are helpful in repairing the damaged hair, sunburns, minimizing wrinkles, and moisturizing your skin naturally.

Avocado health benefits are endless if you describe through you would come across many. Such as:

  • Eating avocado you get a healthy brain: Doctors consider avocado as one of the top brain-healthy fruits that can prevent developing Alzheimer’s disease. The Folate element in the fruit contributes to preventing the formation of the brain cell tangles that are considered to be the primary reason for having Alzheimer’s problem.
  • It gives you a healthy heart: Avocado calories are rich in monosaturated fat that is said to be helpful in boosting a healthy heart and lowers heart problems such as cholesterol, blood pressure, and keep other cardiac problems at bay.
  • Avocado provides good eye health: Avocado has “Carotenoid Lutein” it is a kind of antioxidant that specializes in protecting your eyes from stress damage, cataracts, macular degeneration leading to poor vision.
  • It is good in pregnancy: Folic acid which is the most important element perhaps playing a vital role in having a successful pregnancy. Folic acid is helpful in overall fetus development and other vital organs of the baby inside. Avocado has natural folate which is considered to be good to eat during pregnancy.
  • It is helpful with digestive problems: The nutrients in the avocado are known to reduce inflammation in the stomach and other intestinal problems. This not only improves the ability to absorb the nutrients but also helps increase the metabolism.

Health benefits of Avocado As Cosmetics

Apart from this, avocado with the increasing popularity of unhealthy preservatives, additives and artificial products found in cosmetics consumers are starting to favor natural ingredients cosmetics especially the one that is made out of avocado. You will find a range of skin moisturizes made out of avocado extracts that give your skin the highest moisturizing protection

Health benefits of Avocado As Baby Food

A recent survey revealed that avocado serves as the best meal when given to babies. It is an ideal food for infants and babies as it has a creamy, smooth texture and doesn’t have a flavor that babies refuse to eat. It is a time saver and no harm if consumed raw by babies. Instead of meat products, try including avocado in their daily meals to avail all the nutritional benefits of the avocado.

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Health benefits of Avocado As Weight Control

Contrary to the misconception, avocado fruit is extremely helpful in losing weight. Today, many dieters are including avocados because:

  • The fruit is a high-fat content maker hence making the diet more palatable
  • It helps in reducing the hunger pangs
  • It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that make your diet a wholesome meal, overall taking care of moderate consumption
  • Because it is quicker feeling satiation that reduces overheating
  • It speeds up the metabolism rate

Other Dietary Benefits

The fruit is a mild oil-rich blend nutritional rich deliciously flavored fruit. It is a rare combination fruit that has an exceptionally diverse range of different dietary benefits. In terms of using alone, avocado can be served in salads, salad dips, sandwiches, hors d’oeuvre, garnishing, soups, sandwich spreads, etc. and so on the list is endless. Rarely any food item would have such eating versatility that makes it easy to consume and increased its consumption. This certainly comes with numerous health benefits as discussed above.

The studies have shown that people who are consuming avocado on a daily basis in their meals as in salads, guacamole, shakes, etc absorb about 5 times nutritional values in their body compared to those who do not include them. People appreciate the advantages and the health benefits of avocado, but afraid using of it for mistaken dietary reasons. Therefore, they consume less of it because of incomplete nutritional facts.

For more avocado recipes, all you have to do is browse a bit of the Internet. There are varieties of avocado recipes listed that you can make different daily. Whether you are having a get-together or a small party or just a birthday party you are sure to find one of the delicious avocado recipes to entertain your guests. Moreover, if you are dieting, there are endless avocado diet recipes to help you overcome the boredom of eating the same thing again and again. Prepare it from numerous varieties of diet recipes and enjoy losing weight without getting hunger pangs.


The benefits of eating avocado are endless and as they are gradually becoming more and more recognized the fruit is gaining popularity day by day. The fruit is widely available and since it is not a seasonal fruit it is available at any supermarket or your nearby veggie store. If you are unable to find it in a nearby store, you can also order online in bulk.

The green fruit speaks of providing lean, sparkling, and beautiful health to whoever consumes it on the daily basis. You can have it the way you feel like eating right from raw to sandwich spreads to shake.

Avocados, all in all, are awesome fruit that you can practically eat on a daily basis without worrying about the side effects – Believe it, it doesn’t have any and therefore it is known as the fruit of paradise.


  1. I didn’t know that Avocado would work well as a weight control food. I really like how it can help speed up metabolism as that sounds like it will really help you get thinner. My husband and I are undergoing a diet to lose a few pounds and are looking at different fruit options so that we can have more options than just fish and the same 3 fruits every day. I’ll have to ask our trainer to see what he thinks of adding avocadoes and avocado powder to our diet would be a good idea. Thank you for writing this article, I found it really helpful!


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