Health Benefits of amla | Indian gooseberry

Health Benefits of amla
Health Benefits of amla | Indian gooseberry

Health Benefits of amla | Indian gooseberry: Have you ever tried eating Indian gooseberry to get rid of any of your health problems? If not, It is high time to take gooseberry. Amla is an important crop in Ayurveda. It is a tropical plant. The English name of Amla is Indian gooseberry, Embolic. Amla contains Vitamin C. Gooseberry has good demand from industries for the preparation of various healthcare products also like Hair Oil, Dye, shampoo, Face creams and tooth powder.

Nature gives us enough amounts of vitamin and nutrient values in form or other health benefits. Amla is one of them. Amla is rich in Vitamin C and E which increases immunity power and fights off free radicals. It is super beneficial in preventing aging, cancer and cell damage. The health benefits of Amla are slightly sour, but it leaves sweetness in the mouth after eating it raw. It helps in reducing acidity in the stomach, so it is widely used to cure gastritis, ulcer, heartburn and acid reflux. Fiber-rich content Amla helps in curing constipation and all other abdominal diseases. It is beneficial to solve fatty liver, cholesterol and heart diseases.

100 grams of Indian Gooseberry (raw Amla) contains 478 mg vitamin C and 5 grams of fiber content. also contains Calories, Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate, Water, Omega-3 fatty, antioxidant, Omega-6 fatty acids, Vitamin A, IU, C, D, E, K, B6, B12, Calcium, Ca, Iron, Fe, Magnesium, Mg, Phosphorus, P, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Chloride, etc

The following values are approximate, which may differ according to variety, season and type of Indian Gooseberry.

Health Benefits of amla

1. Anti-Inflammation And Anti-Oxidant Properties:

The benefits of Indian gooseberry is it will help you in getting improve our health.

The main reason which makes amla a greater health benefit is – it contains rich sources of anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant properties. One who eats amla every day can get rid of the most common and leading problems of health because of its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation properties.

The properties of anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant of amla make more benefits for our health.

2. Anti-bacterial

The major reason why the various health problems sustain in our body is that their bacteria keep spreading in our bodies. The specialty of amla is it prevents the spreading of these bacteria in the body and it improves our health. The anti-bacterial properties present in Amla prevents the spread of various bacteria inside the body.

If we want to get more amla berry benefits, take at least 1 fresh amla everyday. Eating Amla with an empty stomach gives more benefit by maximizing the anti-bacterial properties.

3. Anti –Viral

One of the important use of Amla is it is anti-viral.  The anti-viral property of Amla can be used to avail of many health benefits.  To get rid of some of the common and major health issues, Indian gooseberry is extremely preferable. In the case of health problems, Amla medicine is also some times suggested because of its anti-viral property.

If you went to see some positive changes in your health, just eat 1 fresh amla on an empty stomach daily. The health benefit of Indian gooseberry is if you have been suffering from severe diseases for a long time, you will get rid of them.

4. Anti-Fungal

Amazingly, there is one more benefit to eating Amla is it has anti-fungal property. Yes, it is true that to prevent most of the fungal infections of your body, take an amla juice or have a fresh amla in the morning or the evening.

The primary elements in delivering the needed gooseberry health benefits are the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties of amla and also the anti-fungal practices of amla. Antifungal property of amla helps in preventing the fungal problem inside the body.

5. Improves Eye-health

Amla is a rich source of vitamin A other than the anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammation properties. The maximum benefit of amla for eyes is it contains a high amount of vitamin “A”. Amla helps in improving the eyesight of the users, it is one significant property of amla.

You can get the maximum benefits of Amla if you take it daily in any of your favorite forms. The best method for improving eye-sight is to take Amla juice every day in the morning or in the evening.

6.Controls Diabetes

Do you know Amla is used as a solution of Diabetes? Yes, Amla is indeed used to control diabetes, it is one of the effective solutions that you can gift your body.  The one which makes Amla as one of the best solutions for diabetes is the amla herb present in it.  Blood sugar levels are reduced with Amla because of the chromium present in it and thus prevents diabetes.

Mix some amla with honey and turmeric powder and have it twice a day then you can control diabetes.  Raw amla is more preferred than any of your favorite forms for fighting against diabetes.

7. Prevent and fight cancer

Have you ever thought of using amla for prevention and fighting against cancer? If not, then here is the solution that is amla.  Yes, if you are dealing with the problem of cancer, then you first consult with your doctor to add amla to your diet.  One of the primary medicinal benefits of amla is cures and helps in the prevention of cancer.

You already know that prevention is always better than cure.  So you are advised to eat one raw amla daily which helps in reducing the cancer particles spreading in the body.  Eating a raw amla helps in improving the overall health of the person.  Another preventive measure that will reduce the chances of cancer for you takes 1 fresh amla along with honey.

8. Protects your liver

Do you know the anti-oxidant properties present in amla helps in preserving the health of the person who is dealing with any problem of the liver?  Amla allows the liver to perform its normal function by clearing all the blockage because of its medicinal value present in Amla.  You know it also cures the infections of the liver.

Take amla either in the form of a liquid or as solid daily for the maximization of the benefits of amla.  The benefits of amla for liver also depends upon how well you are using amla in your diet and how well you know how to use it.  Anyhow, on regular use of amla, you will notice the improvement in the functioning of your liver

9. Prevents jaundice

You will get surprised when you know that amla helps you to cure the problem of jaundice. The antioxidants present in amla along with the anti-bacterial properties indeed help you to cure the problem of jaundice.

Vitamin “C” content present in amla and its anti-bacterial ability prevent the jaundice infection and bacteria to spread across the body.  If you want to take amla in the form of liquid then amla tea is also available and you can get the benefits of amla from amla tea for fighting against jaundice.

10. Prevents constipation

You know that amla also helps the body to fight against the problem of constipation because of the high amount of fiber present in it.  You can easily get rid of this problem by making maximum benefits of amla leaves.  Most of the people benefit from these most common advantages of amla.

How amla works for digestion is that you will not need any other ingredient with it.  Just take some amla leaves in your drink and then have it early in the morning to never face the problem of constipation. On regular use, you will see some significant benefits of amla fruit.  These solutions of amla are most preferred for digestion.

11. Bad cholesterol

One of the major reasons for several health issues is having high cholesterol. Taking amla juice or eating 1 fresh amla every morning on an empty stomach reduces bad cholesterol. For cholesterol problems, you can also try amla murabba.

Amla has two essential elements for controlling the high cholesterol of the body which are vitamin-c along with that fiber. Taking the right amount of amla leaves controls cholesterol, it is considered as one of the effective medicinal use of amla leaves.

12. Heart diseases

Do you think that the major benefit of consuming amla is it helps in the prevention of heart diseases? Eating an amla every day will also strengthen the heart muscles which will again let your heart be strong and healthy.

Anti-oxidants present in amla helps to stop heart diseases by keeping the arteries blockage clear with its effective functioning. It is available in the form of amla capsules. There is one more thing to ensure the amla benefits for the heart that is you can trust the anti-bacterial properties of amla. It prevents harmful bacteria.

13.Prevents ulcers

You are amazed when you know that amla is one the solution for ulcers. If you are suffering from ulcers and looking for an effective solution, then you can try amla. Amla is quite effective in the result when taken for ulcer treatment. You can start by taking amla juice daily.

If you want to get an idea about how to consume amla, consult your doctor and start using for ulcers. You will see some positive results.

14.Throat Infection

A throat infection can be cured by the anti-infectious nature if amla. On daily consumption of amla, throat infection can be healed no matter how bad your throat infection is. Another method is to mix some amla juice with honey and take it with warm water to get the needed results.

You know that throat infection is quite common and thus having gooseberry health benefits against throat infection is nothing less than a blessing. Amla candy is also available even it gives more benefits to treat your sore throat and get some fantastic results.

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15.Reduces stress and improves mental health

The most common health problem which today’s world facing is stress. Amla is one of the solutions for stress. It reduces stress levels when taken regularly. Mix some amla extract with honey and water and drink this mixture regularly.

The vitamins and minerals present in amla help in improving memory power along with mental health. Anyhow, if stress can be controlled it can solve almost all the health problems.

16.Weight loss

Drink amla juice along with honey and lemon juice and see what happens, you will lose your weight. It is a known fact that the properties available in amla along with the various amla vitamins and minerals can help you to get rid of those extra kilos from your body. Taking amla juice regularly, you will lose your weight without any struggles.

You will bring significant results in the reduction of weight by drinking amla juice. Furthermore, you will also notice a positive sign in the improvement of your skin texture. It also brings an instant glow to your face.


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