Important Foods That Burn Belly Fat

Important Foods That Burn Belly Fat

There are special foods that burn belly fat or help you to lose weight. However, you will have to know and understand the physical constitution of your body in order for this remedies to work successfully for you.

The way you eat and how you treat your food plays a significant role in weight loss and abdominal fat. However there are some other important factors to be considered if you want to reap the full benefits of getting slim while you eat.

You need to know how the physical constitution of your body functions. Two people may eat identical quantity of food but one may experience weight gain while the other remains slim. This is due to the physical constitution of the body.

There are two types of physical constitutions that can cause obesity. They are the hot-damp type, and cold-damp type. The hot-damp body is warm and retains excessive water in the body. The cold damp body is cold, but retains excessive water in the body.

If you have hot-dry physical constitution, (a warm body that does not retain excessive water), you can eat as much of what you want and never become overweight.

People with hot-damp and cold-damp physical constitutions retain excessive amount of water in their bodies which make them overweight. Overweight people fall into this category.

There are foods that burn belly fat which can make the physical constitutions of overweight people hot and dry so that they can begin reducing weight when they eat.

Four foods that burn belly fat

There are four methods of drying the body of overweight people with fat burning recipes that are strong. The first method of drying the body is as follows:

1. Urination

  • Red beans: You can increase urination with small red beans. Cook them with malt, or red dates and few cloves of garlic with your choice of seasonings.
  • Corn and corn silk also promote urination, especially corn silk. Corn silk can be added when brewing your coffee for consumption, or you may use the corn silk supplement. Native Americans used corn silk for urinary complaints
  • Job’s tears: Fry some job’s tears and use them to make tea. Drink it regularly to calm the nerves and induce urination.
  • Soybeans and garlic can be used to induce urination too. Cook 3½ ounces of soybeans with 3½ ounces of garlic and eat them at meals with your food. Garlic makes you more energetic, but many people may not like it, so you can substitute it with red beans. This is also one of the healthy foods that burn belly fat.

2. Absorption of water inside the body

Two of the best foods that can absorb water from the body are broad beans and hyacinth beans. They can also stop diarrhea (watery stool), by absorbing water from the body.

Grind the broad beans to powder form and drink it mixed with warm water, or fry the beans with the shell in oil until they break open use for soup. Treat the hyacinth beans the same way and mix with water for drinking or use it for soup.

3. Cool a hot-damp body

People whose bodies are hot and damp need to cool the body to allow water to flow. You need foods with cold energy and bitter flavor as fat burning recipes for this weight loss. The cold energy food cools the body and the bitter energy foods dry it. Bitter melons (Bitter gourds) can cool the body and dry it.

These help to get rid of excessive water. People with hot and damp physical constitution suffer from constipation, and bitter melon can reduce it.

Use the bitter melons in soup or buy the canned bitter melon. If you can’t take the bitterness of the melon, use mung beans sprout which is sweeter and does the same thing including detoxification of the body. This home remedy is one of the important foods that burn belly fat.

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4. Warm the body

This is for overweight people with cold damp body. The method is to warm the body to allow water to flow out through urination or perspiration. The foods that burn belly fat for this process must be warm or hot energy and pungent – sweet flavored foods.

The hot or warm energy foods increase body heat, pungent flavored foods increase perspiration, and light flavored foods increase urination.

  • Cinnamon twig or sticks for tea can meet all these conditions. You can get it in many stores or buy the cinnamon twig formula in health stores or online. If you pregnant or have menorrhagia, be cautious when you take cinnamon twig.
  • The use of ginger and orange peel (tea) can also warm the body and induce perspiration.

These are interesting ways to study your body and apply these recipes to reduce your fat and enjoy weight loss. These foods that burn belly fat can help you out. Beside these methods, do not forget to do some exercises (1).

You might want to keep your nutritionist informed about your diet plans especially when you are on medication.


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