Easy Home Spa Ideas

Easy Home Spa Ideas

Have you ever thought of Easy home spa ideas that can help you undertake beauty treatment at your own relaxed environment? This can be done at a reasonable rate with great methods too. Here a few of the methods listed below for you.

Do It Yourself Home Spa Ideas

Sea sponge for spotless face: A very good non-traumatic face cleansing calls for a small natural sea sponge. Use it in a circular motion to work softly over your facial skin and neck.

This will give you a thorough washing without cleansing. The sea sponge is softer, lasts longer than the synthetic sponge, and does not absorb odor.

Create your own steam room: Close your bathroom doors and windows and turn on your shower. Your skin will be warmed and prepped for further treatment such as brushing, scrubbing, pedicures, manicures, or body and hair masks.

Good home wax pedicure: Give yourself a good wax pedicure at home. Melt some paraffin wax in a microwave to make a warm wax bath.

Moisturize your feet very well and dip them in the wax three times. Allow each layer to dry and set for 20 minutes before you pill off.

Get pampered with patchouli: Before you take a bathe, add a few drops of essential oil to a cup of hot water to infuse the bathroom with beautiful healing properties.

Choose patchouli for uplifting your mood, neroli and ylang-ylang for re-balancing. These are simple home spa ideas you can use.

Stress relieving compress: Make a quick compress with few drops of chamomile or lavender essential oils added to a bowl of warm water.

Soak cotton ball in it for 5 minutes and apply it to your neck and face as a compress and breathe in deeply 3 times for calmness.

Juniper rejuvenation: One of the home spa ideas that improves your circulation and pumps up your tired muscles and mind is the juniper essential oil. Add some juniper and basil essential oils to your bathe. They can rejuvenate you for the start of the day.

gommage: You can experience a good salon-gommage (salt glow) by mixing ground sea salt with 12 drops of essential oil such as thyme, grapefruit, or lemon.

Add enough water to make a paste that can spread easily and apply it in quick circular strokes especially on your thighs and hips.

Cyrotherapy: Cyrotherapy (extreme cold applied for therapeutic purposes) is a great salon secret that you can use at home.

After you have applied a face-firming treatment, place an ice cube inside a small zip-lock bag and gently rub it over your face and eye area for several minutes. This will plump up and tone your skin.

Glisten with Glycerine: Here is a good home treatment for those with dry skin. Mix equal parts of glycerine, rosewater and lemon juice and use it as a face mask to plump up your dehydrated area and smooth out line, or use as a moisturizer.

Get a garden herb soak: Place some herbs such as rosemary, lavender, and rose in a tea strainer and hang it around the water tab in your bathtub.

Run some water over it to form a bath water for a healing soak. This is one of the simple home spa ideas to practice.

The fantasy style: Just lie in your bathtub and visualize yourself somewhere exotic. Visualization is believed to help people relax by releasing feel good chemicals in the bloodstream.

What about a home visit: Do you know there are many beauty therapists that can visit your home to deliver a personal or private manicure, or other beauty treatment? They can even bring their massage bed so check them out.

Smooth bubble bath: Many types of bubble bath and foam can be extremely drying so make sure the formula includes softening oils in the bubble bath ingredients. If not, add your own oils such as sweet almond oil for moisturizing.

massage ideas

Use your special tools: One of the best ways to promote relaxation in your bathtub is to use wooden or plastic self-massage tools such as rollers, balls, and bongers. They help to unknot tense muscles in a warm water bathtub.

The tennis ball massage: Instead of paying for an expensive massage, you can make your back relaxer with tennis balls. Lye on your back on two tennis ball.

Position the balls at your lower back or top of your buttocks and let your knees point up with your feet flat on the floor. Roll around to release tension in your back area.

Use your hands for circulation: This is also one of the ideas to practice. Help yourself to a circulation mini boost when you apply hand cream.

Use small circular movements to rub the cream into your joints and knuckles and use your thumbs to massage the back of your hands.

Work with forehead lines: Use a soft shallow pinch to relax your forehead lines. Make your hand into a fist, then pinch skin between your thumb and index finger for gentle stimulation.

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Breast uplift: The thin skin on your breast is prone to sagging and toxin build up. Massage the problem area away with almond oil and gentle sweeping strokes from the underside up into your armpits.

Massage with oil: Try to use oil when you massage. This will prevent the skin from dragging, stretching and sagging. Just apply a small amount of the oil in your hands.

Sit up for facial: If you want to do facial massage, sit up or recline in a chair instead of lying flat on your back. Sitting up will help you breathe evenly and keep your muscles more relaxed.

A bath after massage: Great home spa ideas must include a good 10 minutes soak in a bath for relaxation. Add aromatherapy oils to your bath to work on your already relaxed and stimulated body.

How to nurture your neck: Gently use your right hand to massage the left side of your neck at the shoulder in rhythmic motion. Work it from the base to the ear and move slightly around to the back in circular strokes.

Do the same to the right side of your neck using your left hand. Finally, use the fingers of both hands to work either side of the spine at the back of your neck.

Massage your sinus points: You can reduce frown lines and facial tension around your eyes by massaging the sinus point. Use the balls of your thumb or index fingers to apply pressure to either side of the top of your nose for a few seconds. Work it down gradually to the nostrils and concentrate on the cartilage at the edge of your nose.

Massage eyelid area: Weak muscle tone in the upper eyelid can cause droopy eyes. Do massage the surrounding area between your lids and your brows and along your temples too. Do that a few minutes once a day to improve circulation and muscle tone.

Reduce eye squinting: Do you know you can reduce squinting by massaging your eyes? What you can do is to work your fingers along the orbital bone around your eye sockets. Just begin at the outer edge and work backward and forward from the bridge of your nose at list three time a day.

These are some of the ideas that can help your body look beautiful and young.


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